Virtual Process Advisor – Online Hospital Process Maturity Assessment Tool   

What is Process Maturity Assessment?
Process Maturity Assessment is a measure to evaluate the process capabilities of an organisation. Maturity is often defined as a ‘‘state of being complete, perfect, or ready’’.

This tool is devised to check the readiness of the Hospital at any given point of time to check its adherence to various processes and systems established.

Aim of this tool is the spread the culture of process orientation throughout the hospital.

It helps Hospitals to create work flows, map the processes, develop various systems, work on process, quality metrics etc based on the self assessments undertaken on regular basis.

Hospitals can create policies, procedures, metrics, quality assurance protocols to ensure seamless process flow to patients, doctors and other employees of the hospital.

Engagements like these will reduce the visible & invisible barriers between departments and senior management teams and clinicians work on a collaborative mode to streamline the care delivery process to the patients.

Why do we need for Process Maturity Assessments in Healthcare Industry ?

India has about 50000 hospitals approximately (under pvt hospitals category) spread across various Tier 1, 2 & 3 cities. Over the last one decade, most of the smaller healthcare facilities (Nursing Homes) have upgraded their facilities into multi specialty hospitals.

During this period, Insurers / TPAs have become the major influencers in the healthcare eco system and the patient payment options have migrated from “Cash” to “Cashless” payment scenario.

Insurers and various other Government run Insurance Schemes , being the major payer for hospital bills, have started demanding that hospitals offer minimum Quality Standards to improve the patient care and patient safety systems in the hospitals. Thus came the Quality Management Systems into the healthcare sector.

Many process improvement and quality tools are used to improve healthcare management systems. Some are certification based, some are accreditation focused and some are related to regulatory compliances.

Its almost a decade since healthcare sector has started implementing various process &quality tools to improve their internal processes and systems. Only a small fraction of hospitals had this quality drive. Others are yet to make a beginning.

Regulators have started sensitizing hospitals to improve quality management systems in hospitals. Hospitals have started working towards this exercise. Healthcare Quality Management Systems require good interface between clinical and support processes in a hospital, introduction of various systems, bringing a culture of self evaluation by hospital teams to show process maturity on an ongoing basis.

In alignment with this market need, Value Added Team has developed an Online Process Maturity Tool, which is a self assessment tool, to be used by hospital teams, to evaluate the effectiveness of the processes, systems that are in use.

This tool shall help hospitals to evaluate their hospital’s process maturity levels in delivering quality and safe patient care.

The tool is created as an online tool, which can be used as a Desktop or Mobile version.

Who should use the Tool?

Nursing Homes to Multi Speciality Hospitals / Super Speciality Hospitals can use this tool.

The tool can be used by hospitals which have been implementing quality management systems over the years and also by hospitals who are new to Quality Management Systems implementation.

Process Maturity differs from hospital to hospital. Ones with good systems in place may score better than the ones with average systems in place.

Tool has an in built scoring methodology which helps hospitals to assess their strengths based on the maturity score cards generated from time to time.

What does the Tool contain?

This tool contains a set of questions, related to various functional processes or systems that are followed by hospitals. Hospital functional teams can use this tool to self evaluate the maturity of their processes, thus generated through a maturity score card.

In addition to this, hospitals can also get observations and recommendations report from Third Party Auditors to add more value to the assessment exercise. This recommendations report too shall come with a maturity assessment score card.

How does the Tool work?

This is an online tool, works both as desktop or as mobile version.

What are the Services Coverage for the Tool ?

Value Added Consultants shall review the inputs uploaded by the hospital teams and offer their observation and recommendations report along with the process maturity score card.

This enables the hospital teams to strengthen their internal processes and systems to improve the overall organizational process maturity.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by logging on to the Hospital Process Maturity by logging on to

How do I pay?

Interested parties can pay the cost for the tests selected on the Hospital Process Maturity tool through NEFT / RTGS.

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