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Date : 18th Jan 2019

Topic : Agile Businesses

What’s Agility in Business?

Why are we hearing, of late, in many forums that Businesses need to be agile?

If a business has to agile, who or which one has to be agile :

– Orgnl brand

– People

– Systems

– Customers

– Suppliers

– Govts, Policy makers

– and Finally the Boss or the Teams leading the business

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All I want you to mention is the Sector, Sectors that you are referring too…

It helps me to understand the Agility in each sector…

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Srinivasan, biochemist



Venkatesh Sankar Round   Venkatesh Sankar:

Agility is how business responds to the change in its environment. It’s about constantly preparing, expecting and responding to change from say it’s customers, policy makers, suppliers, technology and competition. Every internal system of the business should be agile which includes the processes, people, management and even the brand and importantly the internal culture of the organisation should be agile to accommodate and respond to change rather than being inflexible and resist it.

Sector: generic!

And as with any change agility should begin at the Top!


Dr. VKR Round     Dr. V. Ramadesikan:

Although a business has to be on the lookout for change and change it’s strategy it shouldn’t jump into the bandwagon without knowing it’s strengths

For example our hospital never jumped into Cardiac care as a speciality although it had a good reputation . It knew it’s vision concentrate on it’s existing strengths.

But when it came to home care it jumped because the management knows it’s strengths are in family practice and most of it’s patients are geriatric and paediatric . And we all know geriatric needs home care services . Using it’s existing clinet base it’s doing very well but silently no advertisements just word of mouth

Lesson is know your strengths before agility

Think before you leap


Venkatesh Sankar Round      Sir, Agree that organisation strength is important than jumping in because everybody does so. When to jump and where to jump is more of strategic decision and agility is how the organisation responds having decide to jump. Isn’t it? Please correct me if wrong.


Dr. VKR Round         But don’t jump because everyone is jumping


Venkatesh Sankar Round        Agreed!


Dr. VKR Round         Also be agile but take one step at a time


Venkatesh Sankar Round             Yes Sir. True.. taking one step and reflecting on it before another is also agility’s core philosophy fail small and fail soon.


  Viswanathan Round Viswanathan

Good One Sir and Venky. Agreed.

But essentials on being agile is the organisation capability, factoring the financials & cost benefit and “People, Process and Technology”

Change management plays a vital role & driving force for agile in any of the organisation transitions, which most of them forget. It’s this strategy that brings a lot more success that the plan in itself.