Workshop and CME Announcement

Workshop Date: April 26th 2014

CME Date: April 27th 2014


WORKSHOP: 3pm to 7pm

DATE: April 26th 2014(REGISTRATION FEE: Rs.650/-).

You can register for only one workshop as all are parallel workshop.

1. Good Phlebotomy practice
2. ABC of CBC- Interpretation of histograms
3. Capillary electrophoresis
4. Glycated Hemoglobin-HPLC histogram interpretation
5. Advanced Quality control course-Method Validation, Linearity- How and why?
6. Immunofluorescence Assay
7. Immunohistochemistry
8. Automation in blood culture and AST testing
9. Basics in Molecular Diagnostics

CME topics: 9am-430pm. Date: April 27th 2014(REGISTRATION FEE: Rs.500/-)

1. Laboratory approach to Hemoglobinopathy
2. Urine the divine fluid- Zoom to urinalysis
3. Artifacts in Histotechnology-how to overcome
4. Secrets of HLA lab
5. Recent advances in TB diagnostics
6. Trouble shooting in Quality control
7. Sub-fertility and Laboratory medicine
8. Work process improvement in Clinical lab
Who should attend? Pathologists, Microbiologists, Biochemists, lab managers, lab administrators, lab technologists, Medical
residents and PG Students (medical and non-medical).

In addition we will have case presentation and Quiz


Dr. C N Srinivas,


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